Events at Ekhaya

Our guests are welcome to host their own private social gatherings, celebrations or functions when staying with us. Secure a date for an event at point of booking, with our Admin team upon arrival, or when needed.

About Our Venue

Ekhaya Venue is complemented by THREE distinct zones to choose from:

  1. The Garden Zone: A beautifully molded scenic environment, decorated with a stone pathway that pierces through rough bark, rich colour trees with iridescent blue and green saplings. Carpeted by a summer green manicured lawn, Ekhaya gardens breathe elegance and natural beauty.

  2. The Braii Zone: If a barbecue is your aim we have this for you. We have three beautiful rustic round tables which can comfortably accommodate up to ten people each as well as stools for the tables to give you relaxation and comfort as you will be enjoying your barbecue.

  3. The Pool Zone: A major attraction is the pool zone with pool benches and sleeper loungers for enhanced relaxation and enjoyment.

A Whole Experience

We pride ourselves in the following:

  • Beautiful zones to experience and celebrate in

  • Secure parking with parking attendants

  • Immaculate and hourly maintained male and female restrooms

  • Complimentary wifi for all your guests, and kitchen access for chilling and storing catering items

  • A professional team to guide you through all your venue-related requirements, as well as a Night Duty Manager who will be present until the end of your event booking.

  • As part of our operating model; you are free to choose service suppliers for your event from our Approved Suppliers’ List, informed by our vast experience and industry knowledge. Clients will deal directly with the supplier of their choice. Our venue manager is able to provide you further assistance and sample references should you need them, in order to make your best choice.

Get in touch with our bookings team to secure a date with us for your next event or experience at Ekhaya.