Local hospitality, International standard!

Local hospitality, International standard!

Welcome... Semukele... Mauya

Our dedicated service and hospitality teams are waiting to welcome you. Serving digital nomads, social revellers, or simply providing you with a quiet weekend away - our collection of cottages and guest suites can be a dream solution for you.

In just one click, you could be enjoying a much deserved escape, and be at the receiving end of much needed inspiration in our beautifully landscaped gardens, and tranquil environment.

Do you have a taste for inspiring spaces, and desire attentive service? Then, smile and come visit the new name in town.  


• Unlimited Wi-Fi
• Solar back up
• Swimming pool
• Mature gardens
• Braii Area
• Laundry services
• Suite Transfers
• Secure on-site parking
• Car wash services
• Airport pickup
• Car rental
• Professional work spaces
• Celebrations, Events and also, Pet friendly

We look forward to hosting you...